Hampton Airfield, teaching people to fly since 1945.

Hampton Airfield opened in 1945 as a grass runway offering flight training and piper aircraft sales. Hampton has offered flight training in Piper J-3/L-4 Cubs continuously since 1945, and is still today one of the few places you can rent a Piper Cub.


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We invest in people and the community that surrounds us.

Hampton Airfield is a community of people with a passion for all things aviation. We strive to be a safe, family oriented facility, that is welcoming to everyone whether you are a spectator, or eager to jump in and learn to fly. The Airfields foundation is the people who call it home, and offer up their time and knowledge to bring new people on board. Every year we welcome several new “youngsters” to our family, and make it our mission to help them learn and grow. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a 16 year old fly solo on his or her birthday.

Meet The Airfield Team

These are the fine folks that make everything happen. 

Jenna Lewis

Office Manager

Taking the leap and challenging yourself to learn to fly is a monumental step. Once you take it, you want someone there to help guide you through this challenge and keep you on track. My passion is to see every one of our new students reach the goals they have set for themselves. As office manager I get to connect with each and every customer and help match them with the instructors, services, and schedule that fits their life. It also helps that I am a student myself, experiencing the process first hand to reach the goal of licensed pilot. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of New Hampshire, and worked as a chemist for several years. I joined the Hampton airfield team in 2015 and I have enjoyed every minute since. I was born and raised in Hampton NH, where I currently reside with my amazing son Andrew. Andrew is a wonderful boy who has a passion for anything with an engine or wheels, and loves coming to the Airfield.

Travis Buchanan

Maintenance Manager

Travis joined the Hampton Airfield team in July of 2017. He comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and over 12 years aviation maintenance experience. He has a passion for the history of aviation and anything ``vintage``.

Liam Welton

Customer Service

Liam Whelton is one of the newest people to fly the desk here at the Airport. Liam is a softmore in High School and spends most of his time flying at the airfield trying to find a restaurant with better food than the Airfield Cafe, but has been unable to. Liam recently turned 16 and, after flying at the Airfield since he was 15, he soloed on his 16th birthday and now tries to get up in the air as much as he can to get his private pilots license on his 17th Birthday. You can catch Liam on Sundays in the office and after hours up in the air flying with Bill Rose. Liam’s favorite things include Belgian Waffles with coffee ice cream and loads of whip creme as well as cloud surfing until the sun goes down.


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