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Maintenance - Hampton Airfield has Aviation Maintenance facilities on the field!
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Hampton Airfield Maintenance Shop
Don Swift
Sinclair Aircraft Antique Restorations
Criag Sinclair

Fuel Prices
100LL $4.55 /gal**
Auto Gas (93 OCT)
No Alcohol
$4.30 /gal**
**Airfield Residents $0.20/gal Discount

Scenic Photography - We can take you up to take aerial photographs of the very scenic New Hampshire. Call today for pricing and availability.
  Get Your Seaplane Rating! - MJC Plane Ventures, specializing in float plane training, tail wheel instruction, instrument training and certification.  Click logo for more information!

Aircraft Rental - We have several options for your aircraft rental needs...
  • Cessna 172 (IFR) $130/hour Wet
  • Aeronca Champ $Offline/hour Wet
  • Piper Cub $105/hour Wet
  • CTLS $Offline/hour Wet
  • Instruction $45/hour

Hangar Rental - We have several options for your storage needs...
  • Closed Hangars
  • Open Hangars
  • Tie Downs
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Flight Training - Hampton is a wonderful place to learn to fly. Very supportive Instructors and airport environment. Realize your dreams today! Read More

Aerial Advertising - Need a banner message delivered? We have Sky Ad 88 on the field for your banner advertising needs! Call today, you'll be surprised how affordable aerial advertising really is! Ask her in a sky banner message and she's certain to say "Yes!"! Read More

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