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Our dedicated staff of instructors look forward to creating a learning plan that fits both your schedule and learning styles. We pride ourselves in teaching to the individual and developing quality pilots.


What do I need to start?

Give us a call today (603) 964-6749 Our friendly staff will assist you in setting up an “Introductory Lesson”. You will be able to fly the airplane on the first lesson! You will be able to take the controls and soar to new heights!

What flight path do you want to take?

Sport Pilot License

A Sport Pilot license allows you to experience pleasure flying, and bring a friend. Want to see the fall leaves, travel around New England on fair weather days, take a trip to get the $100 hamburger all pilots talk about?  The Sport Pilot license may be for you!  

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What can you do as a Sport Pilot?

  • Fly aircraft weighing less than 1320lbs.
  • Carry one passenger, and fly anywhere in the country!
  • Fly in B, C and D airspace with endorsements from our instructors
  • Build and fly your own light sport aircraft!
  • No medical required, just a valid drivers license to fly

What you can not do

  • Fly at night
  • Carry passengers for hire, or fly to further a business
  • Participate in passenger carrying charitable airlifts.

What you need to get your Sport Pilot License

  • Be atleast age 16 to solo, 17 to get your license.
  • Complete at least 20 hours of training from one of our excellent instructors. (30-40 hours is average)
  • Pass the Sport Pilot written exam (ask us about ground school).
  • Be able to read, write and speak english

Private Pilot License

A Private Pilot Certificate is more extensive than the Sport Pilot Certificate, but it is also the first step towards becoming a professional pilot if that is your goal. Flying is fun, adventurous, and EASY! The Private Pilot License would allow you to broaden your horizons and fly a variety of aircraft. Also, it is a stepping stone to more advanced training, such as Instrument Rating, Commercial, Multi-Engine, etc.

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Privileges as a Private Pilot

  • Fly any aircraft in the category and class you have been licensed for.
  • Fly day or night, and carry friends and family with you.
  • Participate in passenger carrying charitable events (young eagles etc.)
  • Posses a license recognized in countries all over the world.
  • Travel for business or pleasure!


  • You must fly in visual flight conditions
  • You can not carry passengers or cargo for hire.

What you need to get your Private Pilots License.

  • Be at least 16 to solo, 17 to get your license ( you can start learning at any age.)
  • Complete at least 40 hours of training with one of our excellent instructors. (50-60 hours is average)
  • Pass the Private Pilot written exam. (ask us about ground school)
  • Be able to read, write and speak English.

Meet Our Certified Instructors

Hampton Airfield has several instructors with over 50 years of combined experience. From Light Sport to Private and beyond!

Garret Miller

Airport Manager/Certified Flight Instructor (CFII,MEI)

Bill Rose

Chief Flight Instructor (CFI,MEI)

Bill began flying in 1949 with his dad in his tail wheel Stinson out of an 1100 foot grass runway~Rose Field in Orient NY~still there and still on the map! He obtained his private pilots' license at age 18 and his commercial, instrument, instructors, and instrument instructor at 22 from American Flyers and then went to work for Flight Safety. In February of 1966 he was hired by Pan Am and spent 25 years there as copilot/flight navigator on the DC-8 and Boeing 707/720 and 747 and as captain on the Boeing 727. After Pan Am went under in 1991, Bill spent 11 years as a 727/737 captain at Delta retiring in 2002. Since then he has been flight instructing in what he calls ``real`` airplanes.

Dennis McKenna

Certified Flight Instructor (CFII)

I started flying when a friend, who was taking lessons at the time, took me to the airport, put me in the right seat with his instructor, and let me fly the plane! At that point I was hooked. The following week I was in ground school. I have enjoyed flying and instructing ever since. After retirement, I decided to become a full-time instructor at the Hampton Airfield. The first time I walked in I felt welcomed. People were friendly and supportive and I have enjoyed working here with the family atmosphere. The greatest reward from teaching is watching the ͞aha͟ moment when students master the aircraft and perform unassisted landings. Helping the students reach their goals and achieve their dreams is extremely rewarding!

Bill O'Donnell

Certified Flight Instructor (CFII)

Nick Kornutik

Certified Flight Instructor

Chris Mihok

Certified Flight Instructor

I’ve always had a passion for airplanes since I can remember and started flying gliders at the age of 13 with my brother and received my Private Glider license at 14. Next came powered flight, soloing at 16 and obtaining my Private Pilots License at 17. Graduating from college with a B.S. in Aviation Management in 1985 I started instructing full time and flying charter. In 1989 I began a career flying as a corporate pilot and have completed type ratings in several jet aircraft including CE-500, LRJET, CL-600, CL604, BBD-700, GIV, GV, GVI. I am currently flying a Gulfstream G650 worldwide for a New York based company.

Steve Fiegel

Certified Flight Instructor

Bart Bartelsman

Program Coordinator

I first visited Hampton Airfield in 2001 to add a tailwheel endorsement to a fresh Private Pilot Certificate. What I found at 7B3 was a community that valued each individual. The airport was run and managed by the people that made the Airfield what it is today. There were retired “old timers”, bustling flight instructors, and an enthusiastic flight school community versed in the “classic aircraft”. The restaurant and Maintenance facilities added to this charm. I wanted this. I liked what I saw, so in 2003, I settled in Hampton NH from my home in Melbourne, MA. 15 years and 2,000 flight hours later, I am still here, lending a hand to keep the airfield how it is and was. You can find me mentoring students, helping in Maintenance, airport operations, and being the person that says “We can do it; we will make it work!” The sum of all my experiences from international residency to having worked as a chemist, salesman, marketing, and bus driver, to ferrying aircraft, have given me a very versatile and upbeat outlook on life.

Al Theriault

Certified Flight Instructor

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Whether your a seasoned current pilot, or haven’t flown for years, one of our experienced instructors is available to hone your skills and bring you up to speed on the newest rules and regulations to keep you current and compliant.

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Spring and Fall classes available for Sport and Private Pilot Students and Seasoned Pilots.  Give us a call at (603) 964-6749

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No matter your motivation for learning to fly, we are here to help you achieve your dreams. Alongside us are several programs designed to help the motivated student succeed. Below find links to a multitude of financial resources to help you along the way.

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